Helpful Organizations

BC schizophrenia society

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

Offers good information on a variety of topics, including:

  • A useful Guide to the BC Mental Health Act.
  • A monthly calendar of family support group meetings around BC.
  • Information for Strengthening Families Together, a free ten week psycho-education course about mental illness offered around BC.

north shore schizophrenia society

North Shore Schizophrenia Society

Includes information on family support groups and on their Family-to-Family course, a free 12 week psycho-education program about mental illness offered around the Lower Mainland and in Squamish.

schizophrenia Treatment Advocacy Centre

Treatment Advocacy Center

Includes information about anosognosia, the brain based inability of many people experiencing psychosis to understand that they are ill.

US National Institute of Mental Health

US National Institute of Mental Health

Includes basic information about schizophrenia.
Visit our Resources for Families page to find their downloadable booklet on schizophrenia.

Vancouver Coastal Health Family Connections Newsletter

Vancouver Coastal Health

Keep informed with the Family Connections Newsletter. Archived versions are available and scroll down to the bottom of their site to join their email list.

 Dealing with Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Psychiatric Disabilities

The Official Website of New York State

An excellent handbook called “Dealing with Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Psychiatric Disabilities: A handbook for families and friends of individuals with psychiatric disorders” that is full of useful advice. Find the downloadable version here.

BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services: The Adapt Clinic

Offers free genetic counselling to individuals and their families, who have a family history of mental illness. Their services can provide a better understanding of causes and potential risks for the individual, their children, or other family members.

You may refer yourself to The Adapt Clinic by calling Angela Inglis at 604-875-2726, or Emily Morris at 604-875-2000 ext. 6787, or you may request a referral through your family doctor, psychiatrist, or other mental health clinician. Referral instructions for health professionals, click here.